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Gratis AdWords tegoed van Problogger

Al 2 keer eerder kwam het voorbij, een aanbieding voor 50 dollar gratis AdWords tegoed. Maar ik vermoed dat ik er nog steeds mensen een plezier mee kan doen. En op deze manier kan ook mijn verworven PageRank van 5 worden gevierd:
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En mijn 21e plaats in de MarCom blogs top 100 van Marketingfacts:

Kortom geef je op voor de $50 gratis AdWords tegoed.

(via: ProBlogger, een blog met interessante stukjes over geldverdienen met weblogs)

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4 comments for “Gratis AdWords tegoed van Problogger”

  1. ze hebben de aanbieding nu weer alleen is dat helaas voor nieuwe klanten. Waarom geven ze die vouchers als je toch al klant bent?
    Ik denk dat het klantenbinding is.

    Door: sportwagens | July 19, 2009, 23:06
  2. Heeft iemand nog een tegoed bon voor mij?

    Door: Dagaanbieding | September 8, 2010, 22:46
  3. heeft iemand nog een adwords tegoed. zo ja, dan ontvang ik graag de code. Helaas was van mijn code de datum verstreken.
    alvast bedankt

    Door: pepijn | October 4, 2010, 20:51
  4. I can totally aptreciape the effort that Google is making to penetrate the social media sphere/crowdsourcing . There might be some traction with this latest attempt although the way it’s being executed could be detrimental to the whole campaign. Just a couple of things.1: “+1” is hard to relate to. I noticed the Google has the Microsoft problem. They have brilliant engineers but they lack the coolness/connection factor. I think the coolness/connection factor is integral to the success of facebook and apple. When you use apple’s and facebook’s technology you feel like you connect with something deeper than the technology itself. There is a feeling associated with using the technology. For some reason it seems that Microsoft and Google don’t put as much emphasis on design and how it “feels” to interact with their technology. I don’t have much time so I’ll get to the point I want to make. “+1” has no emotional appeal. Where in your life have you ever “+1ed”something. I like stuff all the time whether I do in internally or express it externally. +1 has no meaning outside of the Google context. So my first point has to do with what they named the technology. They could have come up with something that was already a part of the common lexicon and something a little richer . A synonym for like, Or something cool like sweet , hot , value , love . These might be a little corny but not as corny as +1 Secondly, I know they will be adding the +1 to pages on the web. They need to release that function right away. It should have been released for the pages before it was released for the SERPs. Right now it seems like Google is asking you to like how a SERP result looks. Because of how it’s positioned it seems as though it’s not asking how much you like the content on a page. For instance, to like something I’ll have to run a query in Google. Visit the page. Rerun the query or hit the back button a couple of times and then hit the +1 button. That’s a lot of work for a lazy guy like me and unfortunately I’m not getting paid by Google to do this work so instead of going back and +1ing a result I’ll just continue onto my business. Great Idea. Poor Execution. Please Fix. I want you guys to stay around.

    Door: Atziry | December 14, 2015, 00:38

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